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All is well again at Casa Blanca...

Rox and I went to Montanita tonight to see if we could find a decent restaurant to replace our favorite, the Casa Blanca, and as we walked by to see who might be working there, we were thrilled to see Roberto and Hector, and the whole crew, working away, as if nothing untoward had happened...

After interviewing the principals, we discovered that yes the owner had capitulated, but also yes, they were happy to be back to work, cause this is the best place of all that they could be.  Just a little background...their only day off is Tuesday, and Christmas and New Year's came on Tuesday this year, and it was the busiest of times.  They had worked 20 days in a row with out a day off.  Come to work at 9 in the am, go home for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and work until 2 in the morning for 20 days--you would go on strike. too.  The rest must have done a lot of good, cause the food was the best we've had...whooopee!

Told them that this time they would get to meet Rich and Nancy...they clapped their hands...

Also, had a really nice conversation with Mike  from Seattle.  We shared a lot of war stories and info on traveling in the past and in Ecuador, in particular...hope you are reading about yourself, Mike...will see you on your return, we hope...



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