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A little bit about Jimmy...

One of the young guys working around the place is just delightful--in fact, we really feel al if we've kind of adopted him.  He is about 22 years old, works really hard, seems to get all the scud work cause of low seniority, but does it well and with a smile.  His name is Jimmy, and is actually pronounced the English way with the "J" heavily accented.  (not silent-like in San Jose).  He is also the young guy we gave a raise to a couple of weeks ago, from $10.00 per day to $15.00.

He is always the most attentive to projects that Rox is doing and is always wanting to help her...and he can do about everything.

Well, he showed up on Monday 30 minutes early, with a little package for us, and it turned out to be a neat loaf of bread made into the shape of a turtle...STA72582.JPG



Anyway, that's a nice feel good story, and we appreciate all the wonderful folks that we meet and work with everyday.

But, there's more...

As 3:00 rolls around yesterday we are all out on the deck trying to figure where to go next as we paint the exterior, and all of a sudden Jimmy's face lights up like a beacon--there on the beach is a young woman with four kids walking along, and we think that he knows them and will just say Hi!  Well, it's a little more personal than that...This nice family is his wife and four kids.  The oldest being about 8.

Anyway they all troop up the stairs and we get introduced, and in fact, one of the sons is named "Johnny".  Nice vibes all around...and the family goes off to play on the beach 'till dad gets off at 4:00.  Jimmy tells us that they were on their way back from a special computer school that is available once in awhile to public school kids.

As you all remember, I mentioned that Latin countries have a strong church presence which frowns on birth control, and there is not much sex education, either...so we figure, Jimmy began his family at some time around the ripe old age of 14.


Here he is cleaning a bunch of giant shrimp for us...what a guy!!Jimmy%20cleaning%20shrimp.jpg

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