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Floating City of Lights & Fireflies, too...

We must have about a zillion fish just off our beach, cause fishing boats are in front of us all day and all night.  They all line up on the horizon for the night, so when we look out over the surf, there is a daisy chain of white lights stretching from far right to far left. Usually more than 40.   Sort of gives one much more to dream about when the waves are dark, but certainly not silent.  On that note, our waves are getting a little bigger, now that the rainy season is here, and we just love watching them.  Being from California, ocean movement is not a novelty, but we've never lived so close to wonderful waves, viewed without obstacles.  These guys will go all the way from one solid green, left to right wall, about 12 feet high that crashes all at once like an earthquake attached to a sonic boom, all the way down to absolute silence as they all reload...so lots of fun...makes coffee in the morning or drinks at night just about heaven.


Also, speaking of dancing lights, Rox saw her first firefly in her whole life, and I for the first time in 60 years.  (used to see them on my uncle's farm in Iowa).  These guys had it all over the Midwest variety...They actually look like airplane lights...must be mating season...so we ooohed and aaawed just like kids at a fireworks show...hope to see more soon.

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