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The Craftmen, and all other workers--work hard in Ecuador

As we have mentioned before, we are adding hot water where there was none, and repairing a neglected water system beginning from the community water supply, plus replumbing the 3000 gal holding tank...

And, our home here is all concrete, including the interior walls which are four inches thick of poured concrete filled with rebar...so...you are getting the picture...

As we are adding new plumbing, we are chiseling by hand new grooves, and holes where these new pipes are to go...naturally, no jack hammers or other mechanical marvels, just lots of sweat and muscle...and I am glad to say that this time, Rox and I are just painting...(She is doing 90 percent of that--I just go along with a little brush on a stick and try not to make too much of a mess).  So.  for about four days, the same men who built our little kitchen service bar, are adding pipe, after they have chiseled out deep grooves.  For us to get hot water to our Master Bath shower, they had to run hot water pipe up thru the floor of our bedroom, up 7 feet of concrete wall (two pipes, mixer, and shower head attachment), the the miracle of it all is that Fidel our ass't head  guy, has just finished replastering the hole they made behind our be, and when we paint it, it will be invisible.


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