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First Day Fun

Couldn't´t resist an update on the little friends that skitter around here...they were very accommodating on the first time Rich and Nancy sat on the deck, to slowly climb up the closest palm tree to where were sitting.  It was just little, but it was high in cuteness...saw an even smaller one this morning as we had coffee in preparation for departure for the Casa Blanca for breakfast.  iguana.jpg






Breakfast was fine, and thanks Rich for picking up the bill...Nancy%20%20Rox%20CB.jpgBob%20%20Rox%20CB.jpg


Afterward, we jumped in the surf for a little while, but after a little storm from yesterday, the waves were pretty powerful, so we waded around some more, than came back and sprayed ourselves off with the hose, which was pretty darn hot, and cooled it on the deck.




This is a shot of our waiter, Hector, from the night before...bringing us our happy hour drinks...Hector%20with%20drinks.jpg







and here's Nancy just coolin it...Nancy%20on%20deck%20wine.jpg

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