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Rich and Nancy get a Gold Star!  Yeah!!!

Out trip to the Casa Blanca lived up to its reputation Friday Night, Hector was his usual charming self, the food was great, and the happy hour drinks were strong and good.  We have been taking our own Coca Cola Zero for all the Cuba Libres, because that way, we don't build up such a high level of sugar and caffeine later.  Alcohol, si...

The paseo of people wandering about in just about any form of dress lived up to its reputation, also.  We saw folks from all over South America, and many from Europe, and quite a few spring breakers from the States.  All in all, a very nice start to what looks to be a fabulous visit with Rich and Nancy.

Well, Saturday morning arrives, and we decide to open up the various stuff that we all got for one another.  Rox and I got them some of the things that are more typical down here, but they blew our minds with the wonderful goodies that they brought down for us. To begin with, we had requested a list of impossible to find items from them, but their generosity far surpassed anything we could have hoped for.

Rox was blown away with many hard cover and paperback books.  She had been reading about 20 pages of her last book each night, so she would not run out.    She also got a bunch more reading glasses, cause you never have enough.  I, on the other hand, was thoroughly surprised and excited by the various "not to be had in Ecuador" medications that they brought me.  New Ace bandages, regular bandages, Neosporin, and Airborne do not exist here.  I felt like a kid in a Candy Store.  They just didn't just bring along some, they  bought out the store.

Speaking of buying out the store, Nancy said that she bought all the little "Sweet Breath" bottles, that we love, on several different trips to Wal-Mart.  The little Listerine strips that come in that little plastic container all stick together down here because of the humidity.

Those white cafe length socks that I wear were all worn out, and Chlorox had given up trying to get the soles of them white ever again..l  They included three new packages!!!

And they resupplied us with DEET!!!  Now, we are not inundated with mosquitoes, but when you eat in outside restaurants in a humid country, you share the air with the little buggers.  It makes your meal incredibly nicer, when they go bite someone else...

take a lookSTA72621.JPG...this is bobnrox at the candy store...thanks, Rich and Nance...you rock!!!




Rich & Nance wearing a couple of new items...Christmas%20openings%20Rich%20%20Nance.jpg




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