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Rox Gets A Gold Star!!!

Last week, our contractor, Abrahan, came in with a wedding invite for his daughter"s marriage the following Saturday night.  He also invited Rich and Nancy.  We had some trepidation about attending, mainly because we don't know the language, the people, and hadn't been in a Catholic Church since 1962, when Steve and Diane got married.

But, we are honor bound to attend, so we decide to go.  As we are thinking about getting ready at 6:00 that evening, Abrahan shows up with the owner of the Hostel, whose bar we copied for our kitchen.  Turns out, he is a significant relative of either the bride or groom.  They have a hard time getting over to us that he wishes Roxanne to walk down the aisle with him, to balance out the procession.  Well, she agrees, and thinks that she will be just on his arm, and then she will just go to the back of the church and sit with us for the ceremony--WRONG!!!

As she turns to leave, after completing her chore, everyone beacons to her to sit in a chair in the front--Right next to the Groom!

We had been told that the wedding would begin at 7:00 and only last 30 minutes.  Well, to begin with, the priest did not show up, and a substitute priest finally showed up and 8:45.  This is one heck of a lot of waiting for us, the audience, and especially for Rox--who is on display in front of a church full of people.STA72632.JPG  When this priest walked in, I mistook him for a golfer who had just come in from the course.  He was as casual as they come. 


During this long wait, Rox had to settle down the groom whose knees started shaking violently.  It´s hard enough to be getting married for the first time, without having the priest be a no show.  So we didi not know that she was chatting him up in Spanish trying to let him know that everything would be all right.  She did a great job...When it was time to say the lines, each of them made a beautiful comment on their commitment to each other, thus making the priest´s job much easier.


Well, we had been in there about two hours now, so we figured that the 30 minute estimate was a mite off.  This is when we found that it is routine for some of these little churches to perform multiple ceremonies during the same time, and that all spectators stayed thru all the them.  We had a christening and a couple celebrating their eighth anniversary.  She walked in in sandals, and during their ceremony, he exchanged the sandals for high heeled glass slippers.  Nice touch...

After taking about a million pictures, most of them with Rox in them, we figured that we could sneak out and get a little dinner...but no...the custom is that the bride and groom lead a procession off to the gala fiesta, and this was no exception.  Rox was walking in the procession just behind the bride.  Quite a night for us, and for Rich and Nancy, who had been here less than 48 hours.  They were good sports...and we all figured that it was great blog material.


It turns out that Rox is included in every facet of the ceremony--even up to Communion--quite a first...




She is even in most of the formal wedding pictures...STA72635.JPG








Here's a pic of us at the head table...



Richard took some really good pictures of Rox and Nancy and me at various times, and I hope he won't mind if I just stick a couple on here.  He made me look a lot better than usual, so thanks Rich...Bob%20%20Rox%20dressed%20up.jpg




Rich & Nancy also looked pretty darn nice on the way to the wedding...Rich%20%20Nancy%20dressed%20up.jpg




And here Rich took a great one of Nancy and me...Bob%20%20Nancy%20dressed%20up.jpg

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