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Our guys who did such a great job on the deck, have now left us alone at the front of the house to enjoy the sea breezes, sunsets, and various stuff that you drink and eat...they have moved to the other end and are scraping and painting the whole exterior.  What's interesting is that the house is actually three stories at the end including the peak part, and they have no ladders to reach that high, so Monday they asked for 20 bucks so they could go into town to buy some "can-ya"  This is actually bamboo--about six inches in diameter and 20 feet long.  They put three of these poles up against the side of the wall, tie two or three levels horizontally with what looks like clothesline rope, and climb up barefoot to scrape and paint.  In addition, they didn't find any paint that was the exact color Roxanne wanted on the tiles that outline the windows and doors, so they are mixing that paint 11 to 1 brown to red...sometimes three bamboo flights up!house%20scafolding.jpg


This is our maestro, Abrahan, working without a net and barefoot with his back to the building as he stretches out to paint the edges of the overhang.  These guys are strong and know no fear...plus they are really nice...it was his daughter's wedding where Rox participated...Abranan%20on%20scaffold.jpg

Since they arrive here with no food for lunch, it has fallen on me to make a little trip to the store every morning to buy 3 liter bottles of Coke, a couple of pounds of fresh cheese, and a big bag of rolls.  We set them up at their table at noon, and then we eat exactly the same thing...pretty good stuff...

The plants that we bought a couple of weeks ago are adapting beautifully, they all have several new leaves, and really bright colors--much more so than when we bought them--I attribute that to a healthy dose of timed-release fertilizer that I got at Ace Hardware.  I don't know if I mentioned it yet, but the plants are three bucks each and about two to three feet tall..lots of fun...

For those of you who are waiting for Rich and Nancy to catch up on their blog, I think that will happen today.  Rich spent 3 hours yesterday at the Internet Cafe, but when he went to post his entries, they all seemed to be lost.  He saved everything, so Nancy thinks that the stuff is hidden in an edit part of the program, and she is going to give him a hand this morning.

Rich had a cute story when he got back, after he calmed down about losing all his blog entries.  Seems that several young mothers were making phone calls from the booths in the Cafe, and their little girls sort of just wandered around the area and checked out what everyone was doing on their rented computer.  Well, Rich had really nice pictures, and he looked just like anyone's grandpa sitting there with reading glasses and suspenders all topped off with a crushable rain hat.  So they gravitated to his kiosk and waited for him to put more pictures up.  This is a very touchy-feely culture--everyone hugs and "kiss-kisses" when meeting and leaving--so it didn't take long for one of the little girls to be leaning on Rich with her head on his shoulder, whale another on had her elbows propped up on his desk.  Since it gets a little boring waiting to see another neat picture come up on the screen, the little girls soon were inspecting the "big gringo"...seems like Richard has a tad more hair than his counterparts in this country, so soon the girls were rubbing the hair on his arm, just as they would when touching a strange animal's fur...To say that Rich was surprised was an understatement.  but cuuuute....welcome to Ecuador, Rich...


We all looked for the green flash...not yet...sunset.jpg


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