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Feelin' Fine--Makin' Time...

This morning we counted heads and were amazed to see everyone upright with a smile on their respective faces.  We knocked on wood, and hoped that the bug we've been fighting is down for the count...and we decided to make up for lost time.

First, we headed off to the Casa Blanca for breakfast, and for the first time flipped over the menu to see that one of their specialties is huge pancakes with fruit, bananas, covered with chocolate.  Knowing that this is just what the doctor would order, we took a chance, and it was good going down, and it''s still there, so far so good.  First time, we've had that little treat, but it won't be the last--pretty darn good, and of course, calories don't count when you're on vacation, and when you've just lost five to eight pounds apiece...

Being that it was Saturday morning, there were lots of folks eating in all the little restaurants, and plenty of venders setting up for the tourists, and locals, and lots of supplies being brought to the restaurants in little bicycle powered freight haulers--even so many as a couple  dozen cases of Pilsner Beer.  Quite a bit of mud, so folks were walking gingerly, but that didn't seem to dim the ambiance.

We wandered around the stalls for awhile, and then headed back...the guys only work about 3/4 of a day on Sat--used to be noon, but since we feed them, they stretch it out to about 2:00--it was payday, so they were really up...In fact, while Rich and Nancy were taking a walk on the beach, they helped us string up our four new hammocks, and we found out why every home seems to have one.  They are super comfortable, and underneath our living area, they fit perfectly to see the view, and feel the breeze, without being the the direct sun.STA72693.JPG  (Take a gander at Rich in his hammock, and it is obvious that one pic really is worth a 1000 words!)




Here's Rox...













All right, I know---this is a lot of hammock shots--but what the hey?, I like bright colors (as do a lot of other sub-species)


Tonite...we tackle the Casa Blanca again...this time we will all be armed to the teeth with cameras, fresh batteries, and powerful flashes, and a devil may care attitude about whether or not we look like tourists...Gee, Bob--you think?  Since everyone immediately begins conversations in English, I don't think we have many fooled...

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