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Losing weight the hard way

Thot I would post a little update on our visit with Rich and Nancy.  It is going great, but we have had rolling attacks of a vicious little flu bug.  Rox got it first, then Rich, then Nancy.  I thought I might dodge the bullet, but a couple of nights ago, I was sicker than I have been in many, many years.  I figure I lost five pounds in one night--as all of us have.  We have resolved to keep those pounds off.    Rox got a relapse, even worse.  She seems to been on the mend now, so we hope to get out and see some of the sights...and post some fun pics.

One positive note, is that the pharmacy for the hospital is right across the street from our front gate, so we could just walk over and ask the pharmacist for relief.  He gave us Floritil and buscapina which seemed to halt the symptoms.  Pretty good deal at five bucks for the course.

The guys were so sad to see that Rox was sick again, that they sent Jimmy out to get a sack of small limes and a packet of Alka-Seltzer for her upset stomach.  And, by golly, it actually worked.  We both have been drinking water laced with one of these limes, and an Equal, and it is the most comfortable drink for our tender stomachs, yet.  Helps to get a little more re-hydrated.






Here a few pics taken during our "good" periods...STA72672.JPG






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