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The Casa Blanca is the same, only better...

Well, we saddled up for the Saturday night run to Montanita for dinner at the CB, and are continually surprised how the town is even busier on every successive Saturday.  Granted we are coming into the high season, but this is outrageous...even the owner of the Casa Blanca discussed with us how we are being inundated by visitors.  You have to picture Marti Gras in NO in its prime, and you have Montanita last night.  The streets were blocked off to traffic, and still it was hard to get around--felt like getting out of a stadium when the football game was over.


As I've said before people come in all sizes, ages, lifestyles,  and modes of dress--last night took it to the limit, and it's not even Carnival time yet! 

Dinner was great again, Roberto was in the kitchen after another stay off the job, and Hector was his usual charming self.  He even asked us to be in his wedding as "parinos" ( I have to learn what the heck this means--before saying yes so often).  Hector is marrying his pregnant girl friend, and she is one lucky girl, as he has one of the best jobs on this coast--he handles it well, and makes tons of tips.


We saw one of our youngest workers strolling by with his family and kids.  He looks like a kid himself--but responsibility comes early in Ecuador, and most embrace it.  He seemed genuinely glad to see as, as did Fidel a couple of weeks ago, but each time they seemed to stay away from our "head table"..must ask if this is some sort of tradition or if I just have to change deodorant.


We seem to be building up incredible loyalty with our people, they love Rox, and will do anything extra that we even seem to be thinking about.  It is a little awe inspiring.


We all ate rather sparingly, considering that the usual plate could serve a family of four, trying to baby our tender stomachs, and not follow Rox into relapseville...our stomachs seem to like sweet rolls, however..and they make 'em good down here...


Sunday morning, we decided to tour some of the nicer areas by driving on the beach--it's legal here--plus you get to see how the super rich live and how they take care of their places.  The tide was out in the Olon, San Jose, San Francisco areas--so we just kept driving along...saw interesting places, nice people, and dodged sun bathers, dogs, and cabanas.


We could not have done this in Montanita--it looked like the Riviera on the busiest time...wall to wall people upright, and flat down--seeming to see a lot more flesh than usual--and I mean a lot more...but who's complaining...

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