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A rainy day in the rainy season...

STA72747.JPGAfter listening to huge raindrops fall all night, we woke up to even more scattered showers, so we tabled the trip to Salinas, since it's hard to see stuff, everything and everybody is hunkered down, and primarily there are some dicey patches on this road that are solid mud after heavy rains...

So...what else--we decided to eat at the Casa Blanca--wanted to try the breakfast of pancake, bananas, and chocolate syrup again, and everyone agreed to the plan, so off we go...

What a difference a day of rain makes--all the visitors are gone--it looks like Monday morning in New Orleans--shopkeepers sweeping up outside, and lots of supply vehicles bringing stuff to the restaurants, etc.

We sat at our "head table" and were really happy that our stomachs had recovered so that we could really enjoy the food.  Richard has really been taken by the Pina (pineapple) juice...it tastes great, and feels wonderful on your stomach.STA72752.JPG

Here's Nancy & Rox gettin' ready...Nancy%20%20Rox.jpg



here are a few pics of the rest of the town...STA72764.JPG

















Here's the platano truck making deliveries to the restaurants.  These big green bananas are inedible until cooked.  Then they make delicious eating fried like chips or breaded slices like cookies.STA72769.JPG





This is Max, whom we've come to know through his tee shirts and skirts for sale--he was a soldier in the cold war--but on the USSR side.  He has a big tattoo, in red, saying something like "USSR Navy with a hammer & cycle"  ( just realized that I don't know how to spell "cycle")STA72781.JPG





Here's the bus with our town name written so you don't need reading glassesSTA72789.JPG





Here is one of the "indigineous" people with a complete produce section on her little bike-cart.  Richard had purchased bananas yesterday from her for Lorraine, the parrot.STA72788.JPG








Several more gringos, whom had just finished eating their included breakfast from the Casa Blanca Hostel...STA72775.JPG








Rich in his new "padrone" hat...

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