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Bob, yer a tough ol' Coot--hang in there, Buddy...

In the midst of all the frivolity that I've been writing about, got word that my oldest and best friend, Bob, just had knee surgery, it was a success, and he will be home in a couple of days.  If I can straighten out the cell phone card snafu, I'll call today or tomorrow.  As all of you know, surgery at our young age always entails some risk, so we're happy to see that Bob made it thru just fine.


Got me to thinkin' about how we met--It was in 1955, and I was standing with a HS buddy, Jeff, in the cafeteria lunch line at Mt Diablo High in Concord, CA.  We started BSing with a really friendly, blond guy.  Turns out, Bob had just transferred in from Arizona, and,  from that day on we began a friendship that has lasted 53 years.  He's one of the good ones--we served together in the cold war army in Germany, went to Cal, then  he went off to Davis to become one of the premier veterinarians in California, became a father and husband, and now is a proud grand pa pa, a serious rancher-farmer, and a great husband to Jan.  I'm just skimming the surface of his activities and accomplishments, but you get the idea.bob%20%20bob.jpg  Bob and Jan are some of the hardest working people I know--those many projects seem to keep them young looking and young at heart--so here's to ya Bob, we know you'll be up and running in no time...


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