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A little bit about the great guys working over the casa...

Today the concrete was poured securing the upright posts for the new deck, and tomorrow, off comes the old deck.  The new one will be twice as wide, and a little straighter.  We also ordered all new windows and doors for the living room area, so that will be a big improvement over neglected, falling apart doors and windows that exist now.  The guys just finished digging and refilling a new sump area for the kitchen sink.  A huge hole, filled with large rocks and covered with some material, then recovered with soil.

And, most of all these same guys are replumbing the house with hot water, and replacing most of the cold water pipes, but that's not what's most impressive.  We all decided to add new tile to the guest shower-bath instead of going in thru the concrete wall of the guest bedroom, thinking that it would be killing two birds with one stone, add hot water, and re-tile...pretty smart...but...here's the glitch...the mortar was solid cement, no filler, and no sand.  So when the guys began three work days ago to chisel off the old tile, we all figured that it would take about one day.  They finally finished today, because each hit of the chisel resulted in a gunshot explosion of shrapnel pieces...nothing bigger than a fingernail.  These guys have been in a noisy, airless, dangerous war zone for three days, and deserve a medal.

We can't say enough about how hard the Ecuadorians work.  They get here right on time, work without a break and quit at 4:00.  Rox and I started providing lunch, because they didn't even bring along any food for the whole day!!!  Plus, that way we could get them to take a half hour off, get some fuel inside them, and get re-energized.

We feel fortunate to have had an opportunity to meet such a great bunch of folks...

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