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The guys on the job

Rox was happy to get some deserved credit, and thanks Arnette and Maureen for their nice comments...so, she said that we should put some of the guys up on the blog and show a little of their work.  This is Abraham getting ready to set up a joist...notice the hand carved groove that will be used.  He inserted the beam in once, and it made the plumb line move up slightly, so he and Roberto just picked up this 90 pound beam, and chiseled away for a few whacks, and viola!  it fit perfectly!!STA72542.JPG


Just tweaking the joint with a chisel...STA72544.JPG




Here's Roberto at the other end of the same beam...STA72543.JPG



and..here is the joint that he carved...STA72545.JPG


this butt joint for the joists of the new deck was carved out this morning with a chisel and knife...it is half way thru, and will never pull out.  This wood is like steel!deck%20joinst.jpg



And, these are Abraham, our maestro of construction and Roberto putting up the last of the joists for the new deck.Abraham%20and%20deck.jpg








And this is Fidel and Jimmy and they deserve a medal, they have worked in that small bathroom for almost four days, chiseling off tile that just crumbles when hit, and blows up in their face.  The happy looks are because they can now just put in plumbing and new tile, and we won't be taking off any more of the old tile, we will just live with it.  You might be able to notice that to add new plumbing that they had to chisel into the concrete for four inches to make a groove to fit the two pipes and faucets.Fidel%20%20Jimmy%20smiling.jpg



Saw, Roberto, our chef from the Casa Blanca, at the hardware store this am, so invited him over for 4:00 pm quitting time beer sipping.  Will probably have pics of several of the guys and us trying to finish off a case...later

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