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Getting back up on the Horse...

Well, as you regular readers know, we were devastated when we lost our little puppy Coco, and we just didn't know when we might want to go down that path again...but...when you have two distinguished veterinarians visiting...you would be foolish not to get their advice about getting another cute bundle of fluff.


And to prove a point, Jan vetoed several potential puppies right off, either by breed, size, and most certainly by how healthy or well formed they were.   Finally, we came to a cute, fluffy peekapoo, we think...(I'm pretty sure that there are other ways to spell peekapoo)


Jan was great in that she could emphasize to the really nice lady selling puppies, that this was not a purebred french poodle, and demonstrated to her how the over bite or under bite in a purebred might look...the lady realized that she had been caught, and immediately the price dropped by 40 percent...


We didn't particularly want a purebred poodle anyway, and the peke cross makes the nose a little more pushed in and they tend to stay cuter...


So, here are the first pics as they pose with the new baby, and when we went to our Cuenca vet to get first physical exam, worm medicine, and first puppy shots...we also got a special diet for new, soon to be spoiled ball of fluff.   Jan and Bob affirmed that our Vet seemed proficient, used quality medicine, and reaffirmed Jan's original opinion that the pup was basically healthy...


We got a cute harness, and some quality doggie food, and all this plus exam, shots, and worming was a total of $29.00!!!






 Stay tuned for about a gazillion more puppy shots!!!  As an aside, I am doing this and the following entry at 3:00 am on Sunday morning...everyone is sleeping, including the new baby wrapped around my toes under the dining room table...

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