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Spending our 41st at Casa BobnRoxy

Well, we celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary quietly at the beach.  It was quite a contrast from last year where we were wandering around in the Ecuadorean jungle and cruising on the Napo River out of Coca.

When you are not out doing all kinds of activities, it gives one a chance to kind of reflect of how things are going, and we had to admit, that, all in all, we like what we are doing pretty darn well.  We have a place that we just love right on the beach, we are pretty well accepted in a country that is forward looking socially, and we are surrounded by citizens who are gentle and happy.


Because we are spending about a fifth of the money it took to support our lifestyle in Grants Pass, we also feel the we will be able to ride out the USA economic hard times a little better down here. 


In addition, we love our condo in Cuenca, and are completely taken by life at 8300 feet in the middle of the Andes...what a difference from life at the Coast!


Our little bundle of fluff, Coquita, continues to amaze us each day as she matures...it's hard to believe that there is a complete doggie personality in that little four pound fluff ball...this is especially true, in that all of our other dogs have been the 100 pound variety...here is a pic...



Normally, we spend our anniversary with a quiet dinner out, and Rox, especially loves to order a really great cut of steak--well, around here, our choices for a good steak are pretty limited.   Most restaurants tell you that they might have a cut of beef on the menu or in the fridge, but they really don't.  Here at the Coast, fish dishes are king, obviously.

So...to make it right, I picked up a whole loin roll of Fillet Mignon, cut  two really good steaks right out of the middle, and Bar-b-qued them right here.  Since there is no restaurant around with as good a view as our own dining room, we didn't mind in the least...and the steaks were "melt in your mouth" good!!!  We limited the side dishes to our well knows "Bear Wallow" fried potatoes...as there was enough steak to sink a battleship...here we are posing...




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