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Happy Thanksgiving, Folks!!!

Well it's "Turkey Day" for all of you folks who hail from the US of A, and it's usually a good day to get together with friends, call those that live faraway, get in a little Dallas Cowboy football, and generally eat enough to sink a battleship...


There is not a much better feeling than sitting around the house or porch after eating a great dinner with friends and family and feeling that great drowsy, satisfied feeling of "I can't believe I ate that much"...but Goooooood!!!


I kind of doubt that 2008 will be remembered fondly by many, but this day is always a good day to take stock of your personal situation.


Your IRA or stock account might not look so hot now, and your house isn't worth as much as a couple of years ago, but at least, you might be counting your blessing that you live in the most bountiful country the world has ever seen.  If you health is OK, good for you, keep it up...If you are having health problems, you are in the right country to get some help.


This is the day to just make sure that you appreciate what you still do have, so go ahead and count your blessings--you will see good friends and supportive family are right at the top...


Rox is busy working on the dressing for our turkey...we will be putting it in at about 1:00 with a plan to eat about 6:00, as usual.


We miss all of you folks who used to join us for this great day, and we are thinking good thoughts about all of you.


We will put in a few shots of us and the turkey, and the sunset, and Coquita...a little later...

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