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How we spent election night...

Since we were dropping Bob and Jan off at the Guayaquil airport on the US election day, we had planned to get a hotel, featuring US based CNN,  and watch the results.  Well, we checked with several hotels that we thought that we could afford (the  big American  brands run about $150/night), but we ran into a buzzsaw, yes we take pets, but no we only have CNN in Spanish, or vice versa...

We were getting discouraged, and frustrated driving around in a city that can only be described as central LA at its worst.  Since it was only about 2:00 pm, and the election results were not available until about 7:00 our time, we decided to travel to the Coastal city of Salinas, where we shop every Wednesday, and which is much more civilized.

Unfortunately, we also ran into the same problem of Engiish language CNN/dogs allowed...and after checking about a dozen hotels were feeling really bummed out.

One bright spot, however, was the reaction we received from all the managers and owners of the hotels.  We explained that we wanted to watch the US elections, and everyone of them got a big smile on his face and said "Obama, Si?"  When we said yes...they all tried to help us...some even said that they would call DirectTV to try to get CNN in English for us...but, by now it was too late to make a change.

Each Manager tried to steer us to a competitor who might have what we needed. 

Finally, we discovered a little hostel, next to the Paseo Shopping Center where we shop, which was a little older, but very Italian.  There was Italian art everywhere, and the interior painting and decoration, made us feel that we were in Milano, not Salinas...

They didn't want to rent to us with a new doggy, but Rox actually begged the lady owner for just one chance.  She said that since we were for Obama, she would let us have the room, but that Coquita had to be really gooooood...

The price was $30.00 with all the taxes, two double beds and all the other stuff, but it had a huge Sony TV on Cable that brought CNN like a photo, so, Rox sent me off to the supermarket, and I returned with cheese, bread, crackers, and drinkable stuff, and we had a great time watching the election.

You will all be reading numerous articles about how the whole world is ready for a change in Washington leadership, and we certainly experienced our share of it that day...all for the good we might add.

Here is our one picture:




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