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A Good Vibe Saturday

It seems that doing a good deed (like saving a Booby), brings its own rewards...

Later in the day, we were just basking in the sun, and predicting that we would get a pretty nice sunset, and trying to figure out what to make for dinner, since we had decided to fore go the Casa Blanca...when, to our maximum surprise, Agripina showed up with a huge platter of pescado apanado (fried fish), fried platanos (bananas), and a dish she call salsa, but which was more like seasoned onions and green peppers & tomatoes...


We took a picture after we had eaten about half...but you get the idea

 This dish was better than anything we had eaten at the Casa Blanca, and we asked Agripina what kind of fish we were eating, and she replied Corvina Roca...a fish that Isidro sometimes sells on his bicycle fish route.  She has always sort of wanted to cook for us, but we resisted, because we tend to think we cook pretty well, and also that we might gain about 100 pounds...


But...we might make an exception on special occasions, this stuff is just too good to pass up!!!


We also shared the day in the sun with a bunch of lazy iguanas...take a look...


And to top it all off, we had a pretty neat sunset...here is is... 

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