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Beach-time in December...

The weather warmed up dramatically yesterday...just in time for our friends up north to begin to batten down the hatches for ol' man winter...and now we have a little more humidity, a little more rain, and hopefully, a few more tourists...


We had another great dinner at the Casa Blanca last night.  They have a young lady from Peru, who really knows how to put their recipes together!!  The Chicken and spaghetti with Alfredo sauce has gone from pretty darn good to darn near gourmet...and Rox's calamari just keeps getting better and better...

There should have been a lot more tourists in town last night...lots of Ecuadoreans walking around in spiffy duds, but not much action in the restaurants...we think we might have been the only two dinners served in the Casa Blanca...and their food is terrific.  The worldwide slowdown may be impacting here, or maybe, it's just a little too close to Christmas, and folks are watching their dough so they can celebrate later...quien sabe?

With the moon being so close to the Earth, we are seeing a different batch of tides...When we took our walk, we were over 100 yards out from our gate, before we hit water, and usually it is only about 100 FEET.  High tides don't seem to be much higher, however.


We had an interesting little serenade by these cuties last night, just as we were taking off for dinner.

 First, they all want to pet Coquita, and then want to know all about Rox decorating last year's tree outside...



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