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Cuenca at Christmas for a couple of days...

Well, we have arrived in Cuenca after leaving a really nice sunrise at the beach...hated to go, but had a little business to take care of... The ride up into the Andes was normal, except that we had our little bundle of fluff riding along.  Coquita has been a perfect little puppy for her age, and I am knocking on wood as I write this.  She has developed a tendency to get a little carsick on our last couple of trips to Salinas (which also included her puppy shots)...and we were hoping the the following recipe would help her make the trip a little more comfortably...AND it worked!!!


The miracle I am talking about is a dose of ginger cookies!!!  We read on the Internet that there are all kinds of drugs to give people and animals to help with motion sickness, but that they all work on the brain or nervous system, while ginger works directly on the tum tum...much better...


But...how do you get your darling little bundle of fluff to eat some bad tasting ginger?  A cookie, of course!!!

And, I made them from scratch...'cause, naturally, we can't buy them here.  I got a recipe off the Internet, and used strawberry jam in place of molasses, and didn't have any baking soda, but they were fabulous...I had to have a little queasy stomach just so I could have seconds (Yeah!  Right!)...Coquita loves them, and she was a perfect passenger...so good news all around.

We already have some fun pics of our really great hacienda where we stay this time, 'cause our condo is rented out, and some pics of some baby llamas that we know you are dying to see...here you go...


 The place we rented is just great...on about 25 acres, with great pastoral views, and tons of horses...Our room is wonderful...we upgraded ourselves by spending a few more bucks, and now have a suite plus.

Rox really loves the dozen long-stemmed roses on the coffee table...

 How about this for a huge, great looking bed!!!

 Here's the daybed in the living room, and as you can see, things don't stay perfect long when traveling with a little cutie, her dog house, her bed, and what seems like a gazillion toys and chews...

 We decided to eat in the hotel restaurant, and it was a great surprise...delicate gourmet, but robust enough to escape being "California cuisine" and all that that entails...

We took her with us to the restaurant, and she was just perfect...in this picture, she is asleep by my right foot...


Now, this dessert was far and above the best I've ever tasted...three kinds of chocolates, with varying tastes and textures, plus homemade peach ice on the side...I would have settled for about three of these and called it dinner.  The service was also impeccable...


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