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What a Difference a Day and 9000 Feet Make!

Well, when we woke up yesterday morning at 9000 feet (about 600 feet above the Cuenca city floor), and began to load the car for our trip to the Coast, it was a refreshing 35 degrees...no problem, since all the help was still in bed, so we had to take all of our junk down ourselves...


We fed another ginger snap cookie to Coquita, gassed up, and began the long climb up to the lip of the bowl that surrounds Cuenca--about 11,000 feet.  Our little doggie has not been sick since we have started using the "ginger in the stomach" remedy for motion sickness. 

We were dressed in long pants, sturdy shirts and jackets, and street shoes as we left.  The temperature dropped a little lower for awhile, but as we dropped through  clouds at the 4000 foot level, and could see the many farms and ranches stretching out in the distance, the weather added another 15 degrees.

Off came the jackets as we approached Guayaquil at about 85 degrees, with the A/C going full blast, and now we were wishing for our beach attire...The Coast was a cool 72 degrees when we arrived home.  We filled the tank just before we got home, and the total cost for gas for that seven hour trip was 13 bucks!!


This morning, we are in as little clothing as possible, as we sip coffee on the deck in shorts and tee shirts, and watch the Yuppie tourists walk and run by in really expensive duds...It's easy to tell it's the holiday season, 'cause the working rich are here in abundance...


This morning, Rox is walking on the beach, and I am heading out to get a load of candy to supplement the 35 baggies of candy that we are filling for all the kids from our various worker families...We plan to have Agripina distribute these, along with a bunch of giant bottles of soft drinks.

Here are a couple of shots of us filling the last of the baggies...good thing, 'cause that is really a fattening job...



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