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"It's more fun to give..."

Well, we had some smiling faces last night, as we invited our resident workers, Agripina and Isidro, upstairs for a drink and a little gift...

Since booze is a little expensive for most folks in Ecuador, we were sure that they didn't have much experience drinking mixed drinks, so we pretty much recommended bourbon and Coca Cola, and it was a big hit!

First, we brought out all the candy loaded baggies we had packed up for all their young relatives, and they were thrilled to see that with the 35 baggies, that there would be a good number left over for children right around here, who didn't have much to look forward to this season.  Plus, we added 12 liters of soft drinks...big hit...

Since one of them is usually around here all the time, to make sure that there is nothing that we need, we had sometimes felt a little guilty that someone was hanging around to help out, even if we knew that nothing was going to happen.  Often, we just tell them that we won't be going out again, so there is no need to stick around.  But...we decided that one way for them to pass the time would be to give them a TV, so last night we were delighted to see the look on their faces as they unwrapped a new Color TV.


They seem a bit confused that we would give them a TV, when we don't have one here at the beach.  But even down here, and even with our fractured Spanish, it is easy to get over to them that the more we watch CNN news, the worse our headache gets, as our blood pressure builds...

They take this wonderful ocean for granted, since they have lived by it for their whole lives, but Rox and I are continually enthralled by the grandeur of its powerful presence.  Sort of keeps everything in perspective...and minimizes any need to be a CNN junkie...

We wake up every day with a smile on our faces...



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