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A Rolling Birthday Party--for me...

Well, another birthday has sneaked up on me, and I have to say, that I don't mind a bit...I'm still able to put two words together, walk upright, not drool too much when I eat, and generally feel about the same way as I did when I was 30...

Funny thing about Birthday Number 30...we were living in the Canary Islands, just off the Coast of Africa, during that time, but the hippies and freaks that we hung with then, were all Vietnam draft dodgers, former Vietnam grunts and pilots (and one River Boat Commander--Hi Mike, wherever you are).

And you know what's funny, the music that we all listened to and loved back then, was the same stuff that we heard blasted out of the Casa Blanca's speakers last night...I still think the music from the Sixties and Seventies was the best for then and is the best for now...(When "Paint it Black" by the Stones comes on--don't tell me that they have better music now...)

We took several pics to set the scene last night, but somehow when I was loading the SD memory chip from Rox's camera to the hard drive, I deleted only her pictures taken last night--and didn't touch any of those taken previously.  As far as I know, there is not even a command that could do that, but they are gone.  The following pics are from my camera, and don't do justice to last night's scene.

As the days get warmer, the Bikinis get smaller--Had an early morning treat yesterday, when a pretty good looking chick decided to do exercises in front of our gate, and she was wearing "just about nothing"!!!  I told Rox that I didn't remember seeing a bikini that small before, and she said that I just hadn't been looking--well, I promise to try harder.  However, I think the manufacturer of her suit could have made about two or three bottoms from one of my handkerchiefs!!!

We had rice and shrimp last night, just to remember the first Ecuadorean dish that we loved at first sight...and our Peruvian chef made it perfectly--I had asked for the famous fried green bananas that usually accompany that dish...they said that there were none, but magically a whole side dish appeared with the meal...so we guess that they ran down to the veggie and fruit vendor about two blocks away just to get platanos for us...really goooooood!!!

 These paper mache images are all over South America...they exist up until New Year's eve, when they are burned up...and the belief is that this will help do away with all the bad from the old year, so that the new one will start fresh...sounds good to me...


 There is a lot of wasted material in this young lady's bikini...






 These young kids dress up and kind of trick or treat around the tables...figured it was worth a buck to get them to pose for us...

As for the title to this entry--my birthday is not for a couple of days yet, and we plan to cut the Chateaubriand out of the middle of a Fillet Mignon role, bar-B-Que it, crusty on the outside, and rare in the middle, and flood it with our own concoction of Bearnaise sauce...more on that later...

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