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A bad day fishing always beats a good day working...

There is a phenomenon carried out strictly without the use of any modern tools, such as motors, winches, or other mechanical doo dads.  Frequently,  we see a little flat bed truck hurry by our deck, loaded with an elderly fishing skiff, and about 20 men.  What happens next is truly remarkable, because of the sheer strength, stamina, and teamwork involved.

First the guys unload this little wooden boat from the truck, and we see that it is carrying a huge stack of netting complete with a lot of little, yellow floats.  Five guys go out as 15 guys push the boat on rollers into the crashing surf.  Talk about teamwork...the waves blow the boat back, and the guys just keep pushing, until they get past the first break, and the oars start to get a bite and take over.  Two guys are are in the front of the boat, and three row...and they never quit rowing for the next thirty minutes.

They row out about a quarter mile, trailing two really long lines that stretch to the beach about 500 ft on either side of our deck.  We know the fish are running right off our surf, because the big fishing boats have been trolling right in front of us all week.

The two men not rowing are now feeding the net over the side of the boat as the three guys rowing make a big semi-circle to our left--thus creating a net straight out from us that is held by the men on the beach on either side.STA72971.JPG



Now for the next 45 minutes, these two teams wrap a little green rope around their individual waists, and tie it into the big line, so they don't have to grip as they pull the net toward the beach.STA72974.JPG



After a lot of tug of war, the net finally comes ashore, and it is a huge catch!!!

there are thousands of fish wiggling in the net.  Tialiapia and Corvina according to our worker guys.  We saw that there was a lot of loading fish into trucks and dozens of bags, baskets, and containers, and still there were lots more fish.

Word spread thruout the town, and pretty soon there were dozens of housewives, and kids of all shapes and sizes.  They were all dipping into the treasure to fill their little plastic sacks.  and there was still more to go!!!STA72978.JPG


Our guys tell us that when the catch is small, then there is some sort of order about who gets to have fish, but if there is a huge bounty, then everyone gets to eat.  This was one great day...what a pleasure to see a community come together and work for the common good...




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