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Life really is a Beach!!!

As I said in the last entry, we decided to walk to Montanita this Sunday morning.  This is the only time so far that we are not surrounded by the guys or our resident couple, to whom we give Sunday off...

This means that we can lolly-gag around, not fully dressed or focused until way after 8:00 am...so we can get on the beach barefoot, or in my case just in sandals...plus lots to look at along the way.

However, what there is not to look at, is a bunch of high-rise apartments, million dollar homes walled off from the rest of us, or shrimp factories, of which there are a bunch.  In fact, our walk of 1.8 miles would be worth about a half a trillion if it was in Malibou...plus there is no air pollution, of course.

Here are a couple more shots of all the citizens working together to get that monster net out in the ocean, and then pulled back in...and how they share the bounty...everyone%20getting%20fish.jpg


here is a shot of some fish...we got there a little late to see big ones...fish%20in%20net.jpg




here is a shot of part of the net...fish%20net%20on%20beach.jpg



and this is a shot of some of the folks weighed down with a bunch of dinners to come...fish%20in%20baskets.jpg






here is a long shot of the beach as we approach Montanita...tide has just retreated so sand is still wet....STA73019.JPG



Just a few folks enjoying a Sunday with Family...STA73023.JPG




And if you don't think the surf's up, take a look at this 60's V-Dub van...STA73025.JPG




and surfing ain't cheap, either...take a look at the price of a used board...boards%20for%20sale.jpg




And, if surfing is not your thing, take a look at what an enterprising Hostel-tour guide operation says you can do around here---course they forget, sex, drugs, and rock & roll (seriously, for a moment, there has not been one instance of drunkenness, or drug overdose, or bad vibes in this town since we arrived--plus no police force...)stuff%20to%20do.jpg




And , or course, here we are at the "head table" at the Casa Blanca...I seriously have never sat in any other seat than the one you see me in...That very foxy chick told her boy friend to take our pic, atfer we had taken a couple for them...STA73030.JPG

Posted on Sun, February 10, 2008 at 12:38PM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments1 Comment

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From what you have said Bob it sounds like you have found the good life for yourselves. Vic and I feel the exact same way about Grants Pass.

February 12, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMaureen

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