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Lonely Surfer Girl

Just realized that the title to this piece was actually two Beach Boy songs run together...seems like times were a little more simple then--certainly a lot less hate in the world.

There are a good many surfer girls along this coast, but they are still outnumbered about 20 to one by guys, so when two nice looking surfer girls show up at the beach just to the side of our deck, we take a look.  Not much talking as one straps on her ankle strap, and one sits down by her board.  The first girl takes off into the waves, and the other just sits by her board.  We think that they will join up and ride the waves as sunset approaches...no way...the first girl takes a couple of hits going thru the waves--I saw one particularly hard hit to her face as she held her board flat into an approaching wave, instead of ducking and just going thru it.  Naturally the wave just crashed the board backwards--flat into her.  She never does try to get up, just sort of cruises along, and then we notice that she is just traveling south, and not trying to scope out good waves.  Pretty soon she is a good half mile down the beach, and we can just see her head when the waves lift her. 

Meanwhile, her girlfriend, and it is no doubt by now that they had a big fight and both were stubborn as hell about making up, is just sitting by her board not even watching her friend go way down south by herself.  Thirty minutes later, one girl has not returned, and our sitting girl takes off walking with her board.  We hope that this is all there is, and time heals all wounds.Surfer%20girl%20front.jpg  But no...walking surfer girl comes back in front of us and heads off to their hostel with her board.  This is not looking too good...She has spent 15 minutes just south of us watching her friend about 1000 yards awaySurfer%20girl%20stance%20big.jpg


She comes back without her board, and jogs south down the beach--we think this is great...cause it is dangerous to be out in the surf at dusk with no help at all.  However, girl on board does not acknowledge running girl...and about a half hour later running girl returns, goes on to her hostel.


It is now almost dark and surfer girl is still puttering around by herself...not a good idea...finally, she works her way toward us, gets out and walks home.


We don't know how long they are staying, but will update this post when we see them happy together again...one can always hope...

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