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It's not all Fun and Frolic...

A couple of you asked what we do when we aren't walking on the beach, driving thru a jungle somewhere, or eating at the Casa Blanca--and, I have to admit that it looks that way by reading the blog...Altho. that would be tons of fun...we have done a couple of other things...here is the list on the house alone done in the last 6 weeks...


Completely painted twice all interior of living room, six bedrooms, and three baths...

Completely painted total exterior and 6 foot extended eaves--and this includes repainting twice all brick block around all windows and doors.  This also included scraping by hand of all the old cheap whitewash that would not come off easily...

Installed new plumbing to the house from the community water meter at the street--

Replumbed the whole house with new pipe

Installed hot water to kitchen and two bathrooms where there never was any.  This included installing new water heater, naturally.


Installed a new kitchen upstairs in a corner of the living room, because the larger kitchen was on the ground floor and was terminally dumb...

Chipped out old tile in guest bath and put in new shower including all plumbing

Took out old toilets and replaced them with new low volume ones

Removed bidets from two bathrooms and repaired openings, and sent them down the road where they would do the most good

Took off old deck, doubled the size, added new stronger uprights, repaired years of neglect on some remaining wood, sanded and varnished the new platform...

Repainted Maid's quarters, repaired toilet and showers.

Painted all upright pillars on ground floor, and made repairs as needed.

Dug and installed new septic for new kitchen sink.

Painted all concrete edging in garden, and lower deck platform

Purchased and planted 56 new plants...many to grow quite large, and all colorful.

Installed new ceiling fans in living room and two bedrooms.

Installed new lighting in guest bathroom

Installed all new windows and doors in the living room, dining area, and kitchen...Seven large openings in all.

Installed and plumbed new washer in one upstairs bedroom.

Scrapped and painted 100' exterior wall inside and street side.  10' high

Painted wooden doors for people and autos in exterior wall, both inside and out.

Added new pump for emergency 5000 gal water holding tank, installed all new plumbing and hardware to make it work when city water is off.

Completely cleaned, repaired, and drained present septic system, added huge new capacity to leech field.

Furnished home completely with new LR, DR Bar furniture...also added two new queen beds and other related stuff...

All new outside furniture upstairs and down.

New Hammocks.

Now, don't get me wrong, Rox and I did not do this all ourselves, we had 4 really great guys working really hard. And you may be sure that the work was difficult,  since all these improvements were done on a building that has concrete walls...

Ok, so you think we robbed a bank to get this all done...not so...eight large did the trick...that includes all purchased items and labor...

Now, I am going to try to do a few before and after pics...they get a little squirrelly with the verbiage, so hang in there...

A couple of your analytical types might notice that there is a 60 day span between some before and after pics--that's cause I took these the first time we saw the place, and we didn't move in until quite a bit later...

Let's start with the deck...deck%20new.jpg




I'm getting a four-fer with this pic, because you can see the new deck, the new windows in the front, how the brickwork trim was painted twice, and a deck chair...




Since we are dealing with wood, I'll show a before and after pic of our entry doors to the property...STA72162.JPG




And here is is with a little paint...STA72920.JPG









OK, let's try the living room...STA72195.JPG










And this Rox can take total credit for.  She personally painted all those primary colors twice, selected the furniture type, had it built in Monte Cristi, and set up the dining room table for maximum sunset viewing...STA72902.JPG










Here we go with a pic of the area that we converted to the kitchen.  It was a wasted space anyway...so it was all profit...STA72196.JPG







And here is the kitchen that we put in in this spot...the bar is an exact replica of the service counter at the first and only Hostel that we stayed in in Montanita.  We got the guys for our house, 'cause we wanted to meet the contractor who had built the bar for them.  Coincidently, the owner of that hostel is the man who asked Rox to accompany him down the aisle in the wedding.  Small world, here...STA72905.JPG







Let's try a bathroom...STA72214.JPG


The fixture on the other side of the toilet is the bidet, for those of you that have not frequented old style European hotels lately...you may be sure that those things do any job that you ask them to.  For more info, you'll have to Google it...


Now you will see that there is much more room in the room...guest%20bath.jpgThis pic also shows all the new tile put in the shower.  The old one had been repaired for leaks so many times, and with so many different types of "putty", that the combined mess would make one hesitate to even wash his socks in there.





Here is how one of the bedrooms turned out...STA72202.JPG















Here is one with new stuff in it...STA72908.JPG








Here are a couple of "Befroe" pics of the exterior...lnote the underside of the eaves...they were slime green--because they were green slime...House%20before.jpg









And, here we have the place painted, and the brick trim done twicehouse%20after%20front.jpg





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