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The Montanita Police Department...

Just had an email asking about security and safety in Ecuador...well I can say quite a bit from personal experience.

For starters, Montanita has been named the most sought after party city in Ecuador...and believe me, they know how to party in Quito, Cuenca, and Guayaquil...but, there is a huge difference in Montanita...they have no police force, no office, and no vehicles...nada...Plus I have seen absolutely no indication of drugs, brawling, or outright abusiveness...

Why is this you ask...well, the wonderful folks here in Ecuador do not spend most of their time trying to rob, rape, and maim each other...they actually get along, try to help one another, and are generally in darn good moods--even tho they live on very little...

Rox and I stand out as tourists (Americans), and carry quite a bit of dough around, all of our jewelry, and our necessary paperwork, and we have never even caught a funny look from anyone bent on doing us harm.  Believe me when I say that I am on the lookout, but I never see it.  These good folks are really honest, and do not prey on each other to the extent that the news seems to delight in reporting.

For example, Rox walked on the beach by herself for an hour today, and passed many stretches where there was no housing adjacent to the beach for a 1/2 mile stretch at a time.  She passed a number of groups and singles, and did not feel in the least bit "targeted", and never has.

As Rox was walking, a cute young chick decided to sun bathe about 150 ft to the left of our front deck...not a big deal, but there are no permanent folks living in that stretch, and when she turned over to go to sleep on her stomach for an hour, I worried more about her skin being burned, than her being assaulted, especially since she had undone her halter top, and was basically just in bikini bottoms.  About 20 or so folks walked or drove mopeds by her, and not one even stopped or broke stride to ogle, let alone harass her.

When I zoom into town to go to the ATM or the bakery for more goodies, I just stop the car in the middle of the street, leave the keys in the ignition, and take care of business...never even think that someone might actually open the door and try to drive it away...

Sure, there are reports of pickpockets, and some assaults, but all of you know that bad news travels fast, and good news doesn't sell papers...

Soo....hope that answers a couple of questions...


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