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A Nice Little Iguana Story...

Remember when we were kids, and one of the great pastimes of summer was "catching lizards"...and we all did it with varying degrees of success.  When it was hot, those little buggers could really run, cause they had their blood nice and thin, and they were really rarin' to go..  It was a real challenge then, so often the daredevil "lizard catcher" had to hurl himself (or herself) thru the air and sort of land on the lizard to have a chance of catching it.  One the peculiarities of lizard catching is that if you just get the tail, it comes off in your hand!!!  But you veteran lizard catchers knew that already, dincha...


The other day I happened to see an iguana in our driveway with seven of his nine black stripes on his tail missing.  I figured some bad thing had tried to get him, and I hoped he would not die.  I had forgotten completely the lessons of childhood, about tails coming off--but then growing right back!!!

Here is the no tail iguana shotiguana%20with%20NO%20tail.jpg

And, I just happened to see this little guy a couple of days ago, it was a long shot, but here he is with about six inches of the tail grown back...how's that for an aw shucks story???iguana%20with%20new%20tail%201.jpg

I notice that the black stripes do not come back...interesting...

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