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Cuenca bound...

We have a pretty big project beginning on March 3, so we decided that we didn't need to be here for all of it, so decided to take a ride over to Cuenca.  Rich and Nancy seemed to like it, and the universal opinion is that is is a really nice European, Colonial type town.  Lots of friendly people, but they all are, and lots of big city stuff to do...

We surfed the internet for a decent hotel that would not break the bank, and found Hotel Crespo which gave a 25% discount if you reserve online...so we did...

We will be staying with them March 5,6,7, & 8, and probably get back on the Road home on Sunday the 9th.  That is, if we don't find something to make us stay a little longer.

The best part, is that we get to drive into the Andes again, and see all those wonderful and colorful indigenous people and villages...

here is the hotel website...take a look at the photo album...nice rooms with a river view...   http://hotel-crespo.com/html/en/services.htm


and in case you can't locate it quickly, here is the Ecuador road map...we plan to head east to Guayaquil, then further east and drop down on Cuenca and enter from the east...     http://www.vivecuador.com/MapaTuristicoEcuador.jpg

We hope to take mucho pics...there is high speed internet at the hotel...so should work out fine...

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