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Google Likes Us!!!

I was reading some more stuff from Google trying to get a handle on the ABC Libreria bookstore, so we could reload the "summer-beach" library, and was reading a couple of blogs from fellow travelers.  It is really good to read some folks' experiences first before traveling to a place, 'cause they tell you what they like most, least, and what they wished they'd seen, or spent more time touring...


We got a few good ideas...


But, what made me curious is a mention of a Google find that someone followed up on, so I thot I'd just type in "BobnRox" in the search line and see what came up...well, golly, gee, the page that you are reading right now came up almost immediately Number One!!!

So...should I have a swelled head, or realize the more obvious, and that is that "BobnRox" is a very specific name--except that there are some swingers in Michigan who are looking for partners...named, what else?  BobnRox...go figure...


And, if you haven't had enough bobnrox stuff yet, here is another...one of the entries that came up on Google was under Roxanne Hedges and included a link to our old Real Estate Company website...which I told the webmaster to cancel six months ago...but which is still up...

here it is...lots of info about us that you probably didn't know...   http://www.rogueweb.com/rogue/hedges/listing.html

It also has some pics of our house in Grants Pass which we did not sell, but which we rented to a really great couple named Mike and Sandy...

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