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Let me get this straight--you mean the PEOPLE go to the Beach--and the BUS stays on the Road!!!

Well we were sitting having our morning coffee planning our trip to Salinas tomorrow, and our trip to Cuenca next Wednesday.  I was kind of thinking that i really didn't have much to add to the blog--got a couple of short essays planned, but they aren't ready--and, what do you Know!!! 

A really macho bus driver decides that the blog needs a little spark and a little color...


so , before you know it one of our municipal busses drives right past our deck, heads out to the ebbing tide and promptlly gets stuck...whoopee!!!Bus%20stock%201.jpgBus%20stock%201.jpg



So the next thing, of course, is to get everyone off the bus...so they all stand around until most decide that this bus is stuck for a long time, and they wander off.  Immediately, all the macho guys start rounding up sticks and boards in an attempt to dig the bus out...but it's really hard to dig when the tide keeps filling up your freshly dug hole...Bus%20hole%20fills%20with%20water.jpg



Well, all of this does no good, so what to do--call out the Army!!  These guys arrive pretty darn quickly with a new looking Deuce and a Half, which has four wheel drive...they try to pull to forward but the rope keeps breaking, plus there is no where to go...so

Next they try a little push...Bus%20conductor%20pushes.jpg



Next they decide on a thicker rope, and to try pulling in the direction where there is some room...bus%20being%20pulled%20from%20back.jpg





Well they finally get the bus out, and the driver gets it turned around, and we see him on what probably will be his last day driving a bus--High-tailing it down the beach at 50 mph...another smart move!!!bus%20leaving%20at%20last.jpg

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