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Things are fine here--no flooding

Nancy sent us an article from Reuters saying that the total coast of Ecuador was experienceing terrible flooding.  Well, it ain't so...Everything is exactly the same here as it was two months ago...some of the muddy towns have mud in them when it rains, and when the sun comes out, they have dirt.  It is dry as a bone the last two days.  We do have wonderful sunsets and bigger than usual waves...which are also beautiful...and big!!!

We are traveling to Salinas to stock up on goodies before our Cuenca trip, so will be traveling 80 km south on the Coast road.  This will give us a really good feel for the "flooding".  We go thru a lot of little towns that have dirt roads...


We can see Salinas from our deck, and it is the same look as always.


One thing that is different, however, is that the sunset did not go away from the Salinas oil depot last night, and we think that maybe one of the huge oil storage tanks might have caught on fire.  There was an orange ball in that direction until we went to bed...will check that out tomorrow, also...we drive right past the big tanks on the way in.

So...stay tuned...

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