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Saved an Ant Eater today...

I separated the word anteater into two words, because it looks funny in the heading all run together.

Well, here's the story--the guys who are building our front fence were looking down the beach at a group of school kids standing around...I didn't think that was such a big deal until they told me that the kids had captured a "creature" .  Whatever they were saying to us in Spanish was even more obscure than usual.  So we looked down there, and by then some guy had the creature on the other side of a fence and was throwing it around with a stick.  So Rox and I and Jimmy hurried on down to see what this guy was bent on killing.

He could see us coming, so he backed off on his aggressiveness until we got there, and we discovered a terrified little anteater.  They can't see too well in the sunlight as they mostly come out at night.  He was just about the same body mass as any one of our big kitties, but with a long snout, and longer claws for digging up anthills, plus a curly, hairless tail.

So, we went about trying to convince this guy that this anteater would not make great eating, and that it was good for the ecology to let him live, and, frankly that it might really piss me off.  Rox was adamant, also...

So, I kind of turned the tide when I told the guy that I would take him back up in the hills in my car, since he had probably followed a swollen stream down to the beach and was stranded.

To make a long story short, we couldn't get him in a container, so we took him over to some really deep brush and let him scurry away into the bushes.  As the guy was turning to leave, I caught up with him and gave him a couple of bucks.  i think that would buy a whole chicken, easy, and certainly be better eating than an anteater.

When we got back the guys told us that this little critter had swam and walked for a quarter of a mile thru the surf before turning in to try to get back home.  So a good little guy gets a break...


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