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Art's celebrating a Birthday, too!!!

Wow...Look at Art--another inspiration to shoot for as we contemplating getting a little more senior...

Art is scheduled for a knee replacement this month, but he still split 2.5 cords of wood last week.  Good for you, Art!!!  As he says, "I just sort of work thru the pain".  As one of the hardest working folks we know, Art is at the head of the class for a "can do" attitude...

We met Art and Ruth in 1976, the first year we opened Bear Wallow.  They had stayed a week in our "Haven" cabin, and we didn't even meet them until they came to check out.  We made up for lost time over the years, as Art and Ruth came to every party we ever threw at Bear Wallow, and then followed the trend by perfect attendence at our Grants Pass parties...Way to go guys...art%20%20ruth%20with%20bear.jpg












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