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La Nina--Is it good for the Farmers?

Well, I guess we are in the middle of a "La Nina" season, and I have to do a little research to see what the diff is between the little girl and "El Nino", the little boy.  However, we have been having huge waves right off our beach...  Waves usually roll along, crest, and then crash down on the still water ahead of them with a pretty big splash--all part of the beauty of the ocean...


Well, lately, we have had 10 foot waves, rolling in and crashing with twenty foot splashes!  And, sometimes, these twenty footers are accompanied by forty foot fountains or geysers...quite a sight!!!  I have tried like the dickens to get a picture of this phenom...but the pics I get don't have people in them, so they don't look so dramatic.  Where we are located is right at the middle of a huge bay, so the waves pretty much all crest and break at the same instant in front of us.  No surfing here--no place to go but to auger into the sand.  But, Beautiful...


I decided to steal a pic from  the Chile town of Pichilemu (to which, we once considered moving) just so you could take a look at South American wave action...High%20wave%20pic.jpg




We had a huge thunder and lightning storm just at dawn this morning--so we had lots to look at as we sipped our morning coffee.  The waves were going in all directions, so we had some rolling in while others were hitting them from the side...thus creating a rippling crash that moved with blinding speed.  sort of like how powder cord does when triggering TNT.  (you know--like really fast!!!

We had some standing water for a few minutes, but that all went away after the rain stopped.  The chickens are happy now, 'cause the worms are all near the surface, and they are making little piggies out of themselves.

Speaking of eating, we are off to Montanita for Sunday brunch in awhile...will take the camera, but after this storm, the beach might be a little less spectacular with bodies...

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