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Goodbye Funky Fence...

As you know, we inherited a pretty funky fence when we bought the house.  This fence looked like it was falling apart, because the crookedness of the poles made it look rickety.  It was pretty strong, however, and for fifteen years, it did the job.  When the guys went to tear it down, they had to work pretty darn hard to pull it apart and get the poles out of the deep sand.

The new fence is a combination of ten foot long posts dug and cemented into four foot holes, which contain three cross members.  Two of the lower cross members contain cemented in boulders, and the middle rail and top rail contain crisscrossed, natural poles which are attached so that the view of the beach and ocean is still intact.

Here is a sample...fence%206.jpg


Here's the guys as they put in the criss cross membersfence%204.jpg



we ran out of rocks so had to take a ride out to a stream to get more...the guys love riding in the 4WD SUV and think it will go just about anywhere.  I have to tell them that it will not go in three feet of water and climb four foot vertical riverbanks...fence%202.jpg



Here, Jimmy looking for a colorful boulder...fence%203.jpg



We had help with the corners...burros checked us outfence%201.jpg


It's almost done now, except for the gate...Rox waded out in the ocean to take a couple of these pics...Fence%20D.jpg


Here is why we made it see thru...fence%20A.jpg




A few more and a pic of the flowers that have bloomed this time of year...(It is always Spring)Fence%20C.jpg


And, of course the iguanas like the new fence...they are at home on the warm cross members even as the guys work on the other side...Fence%20E.jpg

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