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The Fish Market? It's right across the beach...

We seem to be right in the middle of a huge fish migration area, because the bigger fishing boats ae outside our front windows all night long, the little boats are there all the time, and people are fishing from the beach anytime they fell like it.  And...they all seem to catch something.

Tilapia are little white fish that are just beginning to hit the US markets, but they have been in fish farms for a couple of thousand years.  There are jillions of them out in front of us.  Wal Mart sells them as frozen filets for about 7 bucks for 10 pounds...

Here are some of ways that they are caught...Fishing%20boat%20good.jpg


This is a quite a bit more primative...fishing%20guy%20with%20bottle.jpg

This guy had a line a sinker and a float and baited hook, and he just threw it out with a spinning motion and caught a fish about every 10 minutes...could feed his family in the two hours he spent here.  that is a plastic bottle that he uses to wind up his line...fishing%20boat%20truck.jpg

These guys take the boat down to where they think the fish are, unload it, roll it into the surf, man it with 4 guys, three to row and one to feed out the net.  It is attached to two long lines stretching to the beach, and is pulled in by the others.  No motors...



These fish were caught by the guys who pulled in the net from the little fishing boat a bout 500 yards out...





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