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On the way to Cuenca a day early...

Well, we decided to take off to Cuenca bright and early Tuesday morning, a day earlier than planned, 'cause the weather will be better for driving.  It looks as if we will be in rain as we head south and then east to Guayaquil, but as we climb into the Andes, we hope to see scattered sun and cloud patterns and no rain.  We don't mind driving in the rain, but the scenery is much better in the sunshine, and it's really a lot easier to see the potholes if you have a decent view thru your front window.

Plus, we are excited to see a new place...this lying around in the sun and sand with the temp always at 70 degrees is just too boring (and you know I'm just kidding, ho ho...).  Cuenca seems like a really different place, with it's 500 years of history, European influence, and many buildings that have survived earthquakes...plus they say the people are great!!!  Please remember that despite what you hear from CNN and the administration, the people of Ecuador are wonderful. 




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