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Cuenca and the Hotel Crespo

I am sitting here in our fourth floor room looking out over the city as dawn breaks, and what a sight!!!   The old Colonial look is stretching across from me into the Andes that surround the town.  if you want a simile, it's a lot like waking up in a high-rise in Reno and seeing the Sierras towering in all directions...here are a couple of rooftop type pics...Cuenca%20roof%20and%20river%20big.jpgby the way...these hills that you see top off at about 9500 ft, but they are eclipsed by much higher ones further out...you just can't see them 'cause of the cloud cover...









The Hotel Crespo was renovated a couple of years ago to the tune of millions...here is a sample of some of the results...beaut%20stairway%20hot%20ces.jpg









Our room, which we will leave today for one with a balcony, is really nice...

As you know, when you are at 8300 feet, the air rapidly loses any heat after the sun goes down--completely opposite of our place on the beach in Manglaralto.  So...here we have double paned windows which close with a refrigerator like handle, lots of blankets and comforters on the beds.  It feels great to snuggle up in tight and warm covers, especially since all we have used for cover is one sheet for months.






We were too tired to go to find a good restaurant last night, so we ate in the hotel dining room...and it was pretty darn good.  here is the table setting...dining%20room%20table.jpg



Now this set up is a little fancier than the Casa Blanca...but I still decided that I wanted the chef to prepare my latest habit, spaghetti with chunks of chicken in Alfredo sauce...and since this is basically a French restaurant...it turned out just fine.  The Alfredo sauce was just the same, but the rest was a little better.  The price was a couple of bucks more, but not bad, considering that we had a perfect waiter.

Rox had a great Chilean Cabernet, and that kicked up the price a little, but still about the same as the Brewery in it's heyday...

here is a 50 year old wine cart that i took a fancy to, it turns to show you which bottles you can select...Wine%20cart.jpg

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