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Rox brings you landslide pics

As we were winding thru the very high passes before dropping down into Cuenca, Rox was trying to take pics of the landslides, but kept telling me that the camera would not click when she wanted it to, so the pics were no good.  Well, it's 6:00 am and I just took a look at them and they are way better than my poor attempt to describe same...so here you go with real mud...bad%20road%20with%20girl.jpg

you might notice that one of the indigenous ladies has a front row seat


here is a truck that didn't have a driver paying attention to conditions...That is someone's container...can't believe what the paperwork will entail in that insurance  claim...cargo%20truck%20overturned.jpg














and here  is a pic of the Tomebamba river right beneath our hotel window...notice that it is brown and swollen...river%20swollen.jpg

Notice the cobble stones in the walkway above the river...



Well, enough of mud and rain...how about the next entry being about Cuenca and the Hotel Crespo...

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