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The ABC Bookstore in Cuenca

Well, just got back from a delightful visit to the ABC Bookstore located about six blocks from the hotel.  We met one of the owners, Lee, who informed us that his wife, Carol, was called back to the US because of the untimely death of a close friend.  Anyway, Lee, a retired teacher, gave us the Cook's tour, told us a little about their philosophy and of Carol's dream of having a little bookstore somewhere in a dusty corner, etc.  Well, this one is well organized, fully stocked and has reasonable prices.   This is especially true when compared to Amazon.com and the outrageous shipping costs that are added.  Remember, these are English language books of every nature, located 8000 miles from the US, and not the ones that you see in garage sales everywhere--by that I mean they are not just throw-away prices...

We had a nice time chewing the fat while picking out a dozen books that we had not read previously.  We plan to return again before we leave, 'cause we still have a lot of room to fill up.

Lee also told us about an ex-pat happy hour on Friday that we might attend...stay tuned...

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