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We discover the Cafe Austria

We walked by a really nice  German looking Gasthaus type restaurant today, and decided that it looked like a great place for dinner.  So, off we went at 6:00 this evening, arrived and were greeted warmly by the staff, seated at a window table, and given a really nice drink menu.  What is great about a lot of the interior decoration of Cuenca, is that they have real wood paneling, furniture, and walls.  Not like the Coast which has to import all of this kind of wood from the mountains where we are now.  This place gave us memories of the many hours we spent in Gasthuses in Germany...they look similar in Austria...STA73354.JPGcheck out the area behind Rox...


here we areSTA73353.JPG





We found WeinerSchneitzel on the menu and both ordered it.  And, was it good!!  Better than most we had in Europe.  Take a look...And, the bill was about half of our bill last night at the hotel.STA73356.JPG



The food and ambiance were just perfect for a rainy night in Cuenca...there was an intellectual-poor student atmosphere to the place, where people could come in order a really strong brewed coffee, and sit and read their book, or take a look at the many daily newspapers scattered around.  




Speaking of coffee, my brother Richard likes his coffee as strong as battery acid--In fact, I think if I poured his coffee in my car battery, it would ruin the battery.  He would be right at home here in this friendly, relaxed, and warm atmosphere.  take a look at the espresso machine--right from Europe!!  When they mix a cup...they really use a lot of fresh ground...cause you can tell by how long they are grinding...and then the folks really sip slowly...STA73358.JPG



And last, but not least, we have the pic of Rox with the cute waiter--who was excellent, by the way...talk about attentive, but unobtrusive...just right.STA73357.JPG

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