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Taking a look around for a base in Cuenca...

We like this place so much that we contacted an agent highly recommended to us by Lee at the ABC Libreria bookstore.   His name is David Workman and his email is david@Ecuadorhomesonline.com  (www.ecuadorhomesonline.com) .  We are hoping to find a little house or apartment with a view for not much money.  So we looked at quite a few, but the ones we liked, we couldn't afford, and vice-verca...  Rox took some street scenes as we drove around, so here goes....apt%20%20bldg%20%20use%20this%20one.jpg
















Even in downtown Cuenca, you see the indigenous people washing clothes in the river just like hundreds of years ago.  And, again, I have to stress, every person we meet in Ecuador wear meticulously clean clothes...













As we were going off to the Eucalyptus Cafe, we passed this really cute young guy with a rose in his hand, getting his shoes shined to look spiffy for his date.  It was a snap shot, with the red eye reduction kicking in automatically, so it was a little blurry 'cause I didn't know that the real pic was still coming.   (you know, two flashes-not one)











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