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The Ruins next door are coming down!!!

Well folks, you all remember that we told you that we had purchased the property next door where the ruined building sat, but we would be wrong!!!  I spoke too soon on that entry...the truth is that all the papers were in the lawyer's office, the dough was on the table, and then the owner's son decided that "he wanted the place, so what could she do"...and she backed out of the deal.


Frankly I was too embarrassed to admit that I had spoken too soon, but now there seems to be a little light at the end of the tunnel.


We were mainly going to buy the property so that we could tear down the ugly building...Now the new owner has a crew taking it down by hand.  Remember, it is a three story concrete building, and they are taking it down with two sledge hammers, a hack saw, and a long wooden two by four.  No power tools, whatsoever...take a look at day three...STA73676.JPG


We will add a couple more pics as it gets a little more demolished.  they are also cleaning up the 5 foot weeds all around and building a typical Ecuadorian style fence which is with 6 foot sticks about a inch think weaved together like we used to do with Popsicle stick rafts...


The owner plans to put a pool where the ruin was, and build his new house far to the back of the lot.  It will increase our beach view, if it comes to pass...




The fence they are building around the property is lots of twigs and they are all cut by this cowboy and brought down here dragging on the ground by horse...STA73688.JPG





And we have seen the green flash four night running and have lots of sunset pics, so here is another...sunset%20latest.jpg

Here is the progress later in the weekSTA73715.JPG






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