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Walking with Dolphins

We were jjust about ready to take a walk this morning, when the guys next door all started yelling at Rox, she waved, but they all said "no not us--look out to sea!", and sure enough, here were the dolphins again.  It seems to be enough of a rarity that all the locals are excited about it.

This time there were about six of them, and since they were going our way, we just tagged along and watched them eat and jump.  I saw one particularly good jump that went up totally out of the water and twist 180 degrees sideways before plunging back into the water.  This dolphin's stomach was solid white like a tuxedo bib.  I kinda thot "killer whale", but he was much smaller, and when I looked up killer whales on Google, I saw completely different and much busier white markings.  Maybe one of you really smart folks can email us your thoughts on what kind of dolphin we saw...I got another batch of churning water when I took pics, but I know you all like looking at pics, so take a look...cow%20flying%20with%20dolphin.jpg


Yeah, Yeah, I know--It's pigs that can't fly...

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