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A few updates...

Well, we must have a ton of fish out in front of us, 'cause the pelicans are diving for them, and then just sitting around being fat and happy...and the dolphins came back again yesterday, and we believed that they would just pass on by as usual, but they get about halfway past us, and then all turned around to keep grazing.  I finally got a fuzzy pic, so take a look...Dolphins%20eating.jpg


And, then there are the ruins next door, which Rox and I are very happy not to be dismantling.  There are three hard workers taking down this three story, concrete building, with nothing more than two sledge hammers, a steel mallet, and a hack saw.  They work from 8:00 until 5:30 every day and they take a half hour for lunch.  They get $15.00 for that whole day's work  Here is how it looked when we moved here...ruins%20before%20demo.jpg



And this is a pic of the guys posing for a picture about a week after they started.  They love waving to Rox when she walks on the beach, or each morning, at the house.  Ruins%20guys%20working.jpg




Here is the house as it was a couple of days ago...ruins%20down%20at%20sunset.jpg

One way that the guys supplement their income is to beat to pieces the floors and girders and uprights so that they can rescue the re-bar that is inside.  They stack it up and a little red truck comes around once in awhile to pick it up.  We asked Isidro, our resident Gardener-Guard, how much they received for this pile, and he replied $5.00.  So...stay in school kids...




Jimmy, our favorite worker, was wearing a really neat, polished stone necklace the last few days of the last job, and Rox complimented him on it...but it was quite a surprise when he presented it to her at the end of the fence job...She was thrilled, and so was he...

In fact, we have had him back for the last couple of days to sand and seal the fence, so that the upright poles don't shrink too much or turn grey.

Left the gate open to go down for some rolls and diet cokes and came back to find a mommy and her colt taking up residence in the back corner of our property.  didn't want to shoo them away, as mommies tend to be protective, and I wasn't about to try to keep them from trampling the plants and flowers if they panicked, or if I did...mom%20and%20colt%202.jpg




The colt is sound asleep now, and I told the guys who are repainting our car that they can stay around as long as they don't start eating the plants.


On that note, we have Jimmy and his brother, who is a professional auto detailer, painting our car.  they are sanding, fixing all the "supermarket dings", masking everything, putting on a primer coat, a silver accent coat, a blue over-all coat, and a clear coat, like we had on the Corvette.  All for about $400.00  The car needed it as the sea air was starting to make inroads on the factory paint job.car%20small%20paint%20job.jpg


Here are the results of two of them working for about 5 hours each on Saturday...they showed up at 9:00 on Sunday morning to finish up the prep work.  I guess "Bondo"has improved dramatically, in the 50 years since most of the kids in high school had it all over their cars, but never seemed to get around to painting them.  This stuff goes on, gets hard, and they sand it smooth to the touch and eye, in about 30 minutes...pretty amazing...

We are having the whole job done here in our yard, as it is a little dicey to leave your vehicle with others.  For one thing, the security on these cars is complicated, and for another, a lot of the workers don't have licenses.  In addition, we need the car almost every day, so we can go to the store or whatnot, in between coats...

They have assured us that it will be done on Saturday, as we leave on a trip on Sunday...more on that later...

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