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An easy way to see the start of this blog...

Had a question the other day about how would one get to the front of the blog, to begin at the beginning, without having to go backward one page at a time.  I did not know.  So I fiddled around with it this morning and discovered a relatively easy to do it.


Just type in "Merlin" in the search box (leave off the quote marks).  That will take you to the first day that I wrote anything in this blog--seems like a million years ago...

After you see that entry, you can just click at the top, and each entry will come up in order.  There are about two weeks in there where we were running around like chickens with heads cut off, trying to finish up about 40 years of details, get our life and business online, and giddy-up.

So...if you have the time, take a look...it will give you an idea of what we went through as we kicked over the traces...


Also, i know I use a lot of old sayings, so if one does not make sense to you, just email me, and I'll give you the background and the meaning.

For example, "kicking over the traces" was a saying my mother used to describe what the horses would do when they were getting frisky in the old "one horse plow" days when her father plowed the fields.  I guess the traces must be kept in line, and to kick over the traces meant that the horse was tired of being in harness, and wanted to giddy-up and giddy-out...made sense to me...

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